Eschatology: Pt. 10 – Daniel Chapter 7 – Four Beasts & the Little Horn

The following video is an examination of Daniel chapter 7; the second vision of end time prophecy mentioned in the book of Daniel. The purpose of the video is to allow Scripture to interpret the symbols and imagery described in the chapter for the purpose of providing the listener understanding of the imagery found in both the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation.

Replacement Theology

The following video is a biblical examination of replacement theology – the claim that Israel has been replaced by the church; never to be grafted into God’s grace again. The purpose of the video is to reveal what Scripture teaches on the matter.

Eschatology: Pt. 5 – The Woman Vs The Dragon

The purpose of the following video is to give an understanding of the Old Testament prophecy of the woman, the serpent and their seeds, and John’s vision of the pregnant woman and the dragon, described in Revelation, chapter 12.

Eschatology: Pt. 4 – The Great Tribulation

The purpose of the following video is to give understand on what exactly is the great tribulation, and what will happen on the earth during that time.