Eschatology: Pt. 12 – Daniel Chapter 9 – Prayer for Relief & Israel’s 70 Weeks

The following video is an examination of the 70 weeks appointed to Israel by God until their time of salvation and restoration. The purpose of the video is to interpret the 70 weeks and explain the events described within that period of time.

Eschatology: Pt. 10 – Daniel Chapter 7 – Four Beasts & the Little Horn

The following video is an examination of Daniel chapter 7; the second vision of end time prophecy mentioned in the book of Daniel. The purpose of the video is to allow Scripture to interpret the symbols and imagery described in the chapter for the purpose of providing the listener understanding of the imagery found in both the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation.

Eschatology: Pt. 3 – Events Preceding the Great Tribulation

The video below examines the events in Bible prophecy which will occur just before the start of the Great tribulation, which have often been overlooked by most Bible teachers in the Christian media. The subject in question helps believers to know when to expect the Tribulation to begin.