The Order of Salvation: Pt. 4 – Called by the Father

The video below is an examination of the doctrine, “Called by the Father”. It is a continuation of the video series on the order of salvation. The purpose of the video is to demonstrate how God, the Father draws his elect to his son – Jesus Christ.

Eschatology: Pt. 3 – Events Preceding the Great Tribulation

The video below examines the events in Bible prophecy which will occur just before the start of the Great tribulation, which have often been overlooked by most Bible teachers in the Christian media. The subject in question helps believers to know when to expect the Tribulation to begin.

What is a Semite – Addressing the Confusion

The video below is the first in a video series on matters of identity posted on the Youtube channel, “CANDLESTICK”. It examines the questionable label of “Semite”; that is, “what is a Semite & who does the label accurately apply to?”