Vaccine Development Fast-Tracking & its Human Lab Rats

According to, standard development of vaccines is a multistage process, which often takes 10 to 15 years to complete. The first two stages may take 3 to 6 years of animal testing before the candidate vaccine is ever considered for testing on human subjects. However, the current candidate vaccine, which has been created for the world, began its first stages this year, and is being distributed this year – 2020. Although the vaccine has not received a suitable amount of time for testing on animals, it is now being distributed to health care workers first, and then black & indigenous people second, according to Bill and Melinda Gates.

Asked who needs vaccines after health care workers, Gates told the magazine, “in the U.S., that would be Black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color.”

Melinda Gates

The first of the human guinea pigs received the vaccine on December 14th. The nurse who, both received the vaccine, and was appointed as the, guinea pig spokes person, attempted to affirm the importance of the vaccine. However, the interview was cut short after the nurse reported feeling dizzy and fainted on camera. Later, according to, she stated that the vaccine had nothing to do with her fainting spell. instead, her preexisting medical condition was most-likely the cause. However, if that is the case, then it begs the question: “Why not chose a spokes-person who’s more likely to instill confidence in the rushed vaccine, as opposed to someone who is likely to not be healthy enough to stand up and answer a few questions without losing consciousness after the first thirty seconds of the interview??”

So far, the ineptitude displayed by the mainstream media and the World Health Organization has been deeply concerning. Their recklessness and folly – akin to the amateurish antics of 5th rate con artists such as Kenneth Copland and disgraced journalist, Chris Hansen. begs the question: will the vaccine be worse than the virus??


Better yet…not at all.