The “David Barton Lies”

“David Barton, president of the WallBuilders organization and a frequent guest on Glenn Beck’s broadcasts, is one of America’s most popular Christian history writers. Liberal critics have long accused Barton of misinterpretations and errors, and readers of the History News Network recently voted a new Barton book, The Jefferson Lies, as the “Least Credible History Book in Print.” But now some conservative Christian scholars are publicly questioning Barton’s work, too.”

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War on Consciousness Pt. 5 – The Big Brother Pill

Proteus Digital Health’s wearable and ingestible sensor technologies, makes the giving up of one’s privacy appear to be a good thing. The problem with handing over one’s private life to the medical establishment lies in the, ever increasing, size, and activity, of the US government, and its changing laws, such as healthcare and national security. The acceptance of Proteus’ senor technology can prove to become a loss of privacy for Americans. Therefore, the people must ask, “Is this technology needed?”, and “If it is, is it worth the risk of losing our freedom?”

For more information, click on the link entitled, “Proteus Digital Health’s wearable and ingestible sensor technologies“.

Freemasonry in the Church

The following links are a, four part, expose on “Freemasonry in the church”, by Christian J. Pinto. In it, he discusses Freemasonic doctrine, history, its agenda, and its infiltration of Protestant churches:

  1. Part 1

  2. Part 2

  3. Part 3

  4. Part 4

Megiddo Radio | Glenn Beck, Ecumenism and the Social Gospel

The link entitled “Glenn Beck, Ecumenism and the Social Gospel“, Paul Flynn gives his commentary on some of the news about Mormon Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love event and the evangelical leaders like Dr. Ravi Zacharias who attended his ecumenical Under God: Indivisible event.

Evangelicals Hosting Ecumenical Conference in Conjunction With Glenn Beck Event

A number of evangelicals participated, this week, in an ecumenical conference in Texas in conjunction with Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love event. The speakers at this event included priests Jonathan Morris and Frank Pavone, Jewish rabbi Aryeh Spero, prosperity preacher Kenneth Copeland, Richard Land, ousted president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, as well as apologist Ravi Zacharias, John Hagee, David Jeremiah, Tony Evans, Franklin Graham, Ken Hutcherson, historian David Barton and others.

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A Commentary on “THE 2nd AMENDMENT” by Chris Pinto

The following link entitled “THE SECOND AMENDMENT” is a commentary on the 2nd amendment, by Chris Pinto.

Beware of Soft Separatism – by David Cloud

“Soft separatists don’t distance themselves properly from those who are headed in a wrong direction in order to cut off the leaven of compromise from their personal lives and families and churches. Compromise is a contagious spiritual disease, and separation is the only thing that will protect us from its pollution.”

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