Eschatology: Pt. 5 – The Woman Vs The Dragon

The purpose of the following video is to give an understanding of the Old Testament prophecy of the woman, the serpent and their seeds, and John’s vision of the pregnant woman and the dragon, described in Revelation, chapter 12.

The Order of Salvation: Pt. 5 – The Doctrine of Regeneration

The following video, in the order of salvation series, is for the purpose of explaining, from Scripture, what it means to be born again.

The Order of Salvation: Pt. 4 – Called by the Father


The video below is an examination of the doctrine, “Called by the Father”. It is a continuation of the video series on the order of salvation. The purpose of the video is to demonstrate how God, the Father draws his elect to his son – Jesus Christ.

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Eschatology: Pt. 4 – The Great Tribulation

The purpose of the following video is to give understand on what exactly is the great tribulation, and what will happen on the earth during that time.