War on Consciousness Pt. 12 – Technocratic Brainwashing

Biotechnology is brainwashing children by sugar coating the truth about genetically modified organisms (GMO food). The result would be a generation of brainwashed children, who later become proponents of biotechnology’s invasion of the world’s food supply.

Activity Book for Kids

Hi, Kids,

Welcome to the Biotechnology Basics Activity Book (PDF – 1.72 MB). This is an activity book for young people like you about biotechnology — a really neat topic. Why is it such a neat topic? Because biotechnology is helping to improve the health of the Earth and the people who call it home.

In this book, you will take a closer look at biotechnology. You will see that biotechnology is being used to figure out how to: 1) grow more food; 2) help the environment; and 3) grow more nutritious food that improves our health. As you work through the puzzles in this book, you will learn more about biotechnology and all of the wonderful ways it can help people live better lives in a healthier world.

Have fun!


A Closer Look at Biotechnology

Biotechnology helps farms of all sizes
around the world.
Someday, farmers could produce more food, help the environment and produce
more nutritious food.
For example, the farmer in China could grow cotton and use less insecticide.
The farmer in India could grow healthier rice. The farmer in the United States
could grow potatoes that protect themselves from harmful insects. The farmer
in Argentina could grow corn that protects itself from insects.

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The Grocer

The world’s best-selling weedkiller, and a genetically modified maize resistant to it, can cause tumours, multiple organ damage and lead to premature death, new research published today reveals.

Roundup is widely available in the UK, and is recommended on Gardeners Question Time. But this also represents a potential blow for the growth of GM Foods.

With the global population expected to increase to nine billion by 2050, the UN has said that global food production must increase by 50%. And a consultation led by DEFRA entitled Green Food Project recommended as recently as 10 July 2012 that GM must be reassessed as a possible solution.

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