War on Consciousness Pt. 20 – The U.N.’s Sexual Perversion of Children through World Sex Education Curriculum


The United Nations is recommending that children as young as five receive mandatory sexual education that would teach even pre-kindergarteners about masturbation and topics like gender violence.

The U.N.’s Economic, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) released a 98-page report in June offering a universal lesson plan for kids ranging in age from 5-18, an
“informed approach to effective sex, relationships” and HIV education that they say is essential for “all young people.”

The U.N. insists the program is “age appropriate,” but critics say it’s exposing kids to sex far too early, and offers up abstract ideas — like “transphobia” — they might not even understand.

“At that age they should be learning about … the proper name of certain parts of their bodies,” said Michelle Turner, president of Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, “certainly not about masturbation.”

To learn more about UNESCO’s sex education curriculum, click on the link entitled “International Guidelines for Sexuality Education“.

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War on Consciousness Pt. 19 – The Rewriting of History


Noise of Thunder Radio

Chris talks about the reality of the Church of Rome changing the history of America and Europe through the middle ages to make their crimes almost disappear from the history books.  Hear clips from Norman Dodd on the issue.

To listen to the program, click on the link entitled, “THE REWRITING OF THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD“.

Noise of Thunder Radio

Chris talks more about the rewriting of history and what the motivation is to do such on a worldly and biblical level.  Hear more about Rome’s desperate attempts to clear the slate of their wrongdoings, as well as the connection between John D. Rockefeller and Rome.

 To listen to the program, click on the link entitled, “THE MOTIVATION TO REWRITE HISTORY“.

Below is the full-length interview of Norman Dodd’s account of the Tax Exempt foundations’ role in the rewriting of history.